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Feeding Our City - 25,000 meal donations to date

Feeding our City


UPDATE: We are so proud to announce that we have officially reached our goal of delivering 25,000 meals to front line workers and local food banks. Thank you to our partners who have made this possible. We love the momentum this initiative created inside our own company and among the teams of chefs and cooks behind the scenes making this possible. We will continue our work to serve those struggling with food insecurity, in communities near and far, to the best of our abilities each day. 



The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt by so many Canadians, especially those vulnerable members of our community who struggle with food security during this uncertain time.


This year, Pusateri’s wanted to be part of the solution and founded Feeding Our City - an initiative rooted in the desire to support our local food banks who graciously feed and fuel our city’s most vulnerable men, women, and children.


Today, we are proud to announce that through this program, we have donated more than 15,000 meals to local food banks who then distributed our nourishing meals throughout Toronto.


We are incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to work with local food banks and witness the tremendous work they do for our community to fight against food insecurity in our communities.


Over the next few weeks, we will be working to fulfill the remainder of the orders and making our last deliveries to reach our goal of 25,000 total meals. We know there is still more work to do, and that this is just the beginning but we are thankful that we were able to contribute in some small way.




Feeding our Heroes. 

We could not be more grateful to the frontline workers in our community on the frontier of COVID-19, with healthcare providers working around-the-clock to keep us all of us safe and healthy at great personal risk. Internally, we have our own heroes keeping our doors open, shelves stocked, and guests served with a friendly smile.


As a family, we realized the best support we could offer was to continue doing what we do best, by providing these heroes with a delicious meal and the peace-of-mind of one less thing to think about during these challenging times. Thanks to our valued suppliers and partners, we have teamed together to provide up to 500 meals a day as just a small thank-you to some of Toronto’s frontline workers. 


Our amazing teams are busy preparing these delicious meals in our sanitized, state-of-the-art central kitchen. Through this initiative we are proud to be able to keep our kitchen operational and our team there fully employed during this time.


Stay up-to-date and check back on our progress as we grow the number of meals over the coming weeks and expand our reach to feed more of Toronto’s frontline workers. 



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