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Pusateri’s Discover the Craft— Our Master Butcher


“I love to sink my teeth into a Pusateri’s dry aged beef steak,” confesses Pusateri’s Master Butcher, Joe Figliomeni. “While I enjoy, I think
that I made a difference, I had a part in it.” Humble words for a man that’s built Pusateri’s meat legacy over 26 years, and conducts an orchestra of sourcing, butchering, creating, displaying, serving and refining across all of Pusateri’s meat locations, including its own
meat plant.
Joe earnestly compares his job to orchestrating a symphony, and the resulting product to a wonderful piece of music.
How do you make meat music?
Traditional techniques are at the foundation. Pusateri’s beef is dry aged for between 21 and 28 days for optimal tenderness and flavour.
An extensive amount of experimentation over the past few decades has led to an aging time and process that creates moist, juicy cuts.
Modern methods layer atop tradition. Pusateri’s premium cuts resemble those you’d enjoy in a fine restaurant or steakhouse. Void of imperfections, and with the perfect ratio of exterior fat, the beef is cut at a 90° angle for supple, soft cuts that cook and caramelize beautifully.

Asked about his own meat legacy, Joe says, “I could not believe the achievements that Cosimo and the Pusateri family had made in the meat business. I realized then (26 years ago) that I needed to be a part of it.” His passion is rewarded daily by guest feedback on their memorable meals, and creating new cuts like his famous dry aged beef Manhattans.
This self-described “meat junkie” calls his Pusateri’s family, and especially his “Meat Family Members” a match made in heaven.
Visit our Macelleria/Butcher to sample Joe’s succulent symphony.