Rosanna’s Basket – Pusateri's

By: Rosanna Pusateri-Ciccolini


I love entertaining and being in the know on what’s fresh and innovative in the market. Every month I share with you some of my favourite products; newly released (and family-approved) or classics products and ingredients—this list forms my go-to essentials. 


I love the time that I spend in store chatting with our guests (many of whom are also friends) hearing about the products that you love and how you love to use them brings me great interest and pleasure. 


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1. Milford Bay Whole Smoked Trout 

Smoked trout that is so fresh and flavourful. I often have this in the fridge for unexpected drop-ins or to use in a last minute dinner. Perfect on its own, as an appetizer with a light flatbread cracker or an easy go-to meal solution with pasta, salad or thin crust pizza.


2. Pusateri’s Hot Soppressata & Mozzarella Loaf  

Packed with a punch I like the bold flavours of this bread.  Slice thick or thin on the angle so you see the layers of ingredients within. Also available in a peppery black olive which is equally delicious. You’ll never go wrong serving this alongside Parmiggiano or fresh made hummus. 



3. Sap Sucker Sparkling Tree Water 

Harvested from Canadian maple trees this bubbly is packed with minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics and vitamins including calcium, potassium and zinc. It quenches your thirst, is crisp and refreshing. I imagine these fun coloured cans looking great in the cooler as soon as I open the entertaining floodgates this season.


4. Green Vegetables with Parmigiano 

My husband and I actually really like greens but, with some busy evening schedules the cleaning, blanching and cooking steps are time consuming and that time isn’t always available. These greens are a treat to have; they are ready to heat and super tasty.   Find them in the prepared foods fridge. 



5. Scoop Granola

I’ve become (what seems like) a granola connoisseur and this product makes the cut. It’s really simple and delicious, made with apricots, dates and nutmeg and has the perfect crunch.  It is paleo, gluten free and vegan.


6. DeCarlo Pomodorini 

One of my favourite products! Made in Italy, the sweet tomato flavour is concentrated, but not leathery and has a very fresh taste. This is not one of those products you want to hide in your cupboard and collect dust! This ingredient is super delicious and equally easy to use. Add them to pizza, frittata, panini or serve straight up with cheese or antipasti. Be sure to use the olive oil it is packed in, it has a sensational flavour.   


For your pizzas, add just like you would your other ingredients. It works on your classic margherita, your green pizzas-like swiss chard and pancetta or arugula and cheese. Even your potato pizza or simple pizza Bianca will welcome the injection of colour and flavour.  


They are also an easy win with pastas. I like it best when tossed into a fresh plate of pasta all ‘olio. The simple flavours of garlic, olive oil and parmiggiano will not resist this added bit of charm. It also marries well in a dish of pasta with the Milford Bay trout.  


Don’t be shy to shake up your traditional frittatas, grilled panini or charcuterie plates with these beauties. You won’t know your love for oven dried tomatoes until you try them and remember, take value in the olive oil that is packed in the jar, is it pungent and beautiful. 



7. Shockingly Healthy, Chocolate Chip Salted Peanut Butter Blondie

Goodbye empty calories; this Nutritionist-created and approved square is delicious. Made with protein packed ingredients like chickpeas and gluten-free bean flours you will be convinced you’re eating something sinful. Perfect for morning or afternoon this is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Test it on your family it works!


8. NEW Coconut Based Non Dairy Chobani 

Like yogurt, these coconut based non-dairy products are cultured, and they contain 6 types of live and active probiotics. They’re also creamy, spoonable, and worthy of a big bowl of fresh fruit and granola. Available in cups and drinkables, this week I’m testing out the non-dairy Mango drinkable yogurt in my protein smoothie. See the Tropical Smoothie recipe.