A grilled peach salad to savour summer with

Savour summer and celebrate peach month with our savoury grilled peach salad. Easy to make and great tasting you'll, it'll take you to the Italian country side in your own backyard. 

Serves 1

2             peaches

1 box      arugula

1/2 cup   fresh ricotta

2 tbsp     olive oil

2 tbsp     balsamic

Cracked black pepper and salt to taste



Slice peaches in half and brush them with olive oil.

Grill the peaches on high heat for grill marks, then remove and refrigerate. 

When ready, pull out your peaches and either slice or cube to your preference. Place some arugula on a platter; scatter your peach slices or cubes and chunks of ricotta throughout.

Dress with olive oil, some balsamic and finish off with freshly cracked black pepper and finishing salt.