“The idea behind AMA is to offer high-quality pasta— made using modern technology & our own hands. Good pasta is one of the most simple things in life and the most difficult to replicate.’’

 - Michele Rutigliano & Augusto Zanobbi, Partners, Ama Pasta

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We’re pretty knowledgeable in pasta, as we had to become. We spent time in Italy learning from the grandmothers. By having our hands in these recipes, we are bringing the nonnas’ pasta making tradition into today’s world.

In Italy there’s the ‘materia prima’ movement to have the base ingredients be the highest possible quality. It follows that all our flours and semolina are imported by us and only for us—we have exclusivity for all of North America. We use local eggs and local ingredients as much as possible.



In our space at the Pusateri’s Saks Food Hall CF Toronto Eaton Centre, Champagne Bar, you’ll see a lot more hands than machine. When you come down to AMA Pasta, you’ll experience a modern Italian pasta bar with old school tradition. An authentic pasta maker— maybe myself or one of my guys from Italy—will be making pasta by hand, kneading dough, flour everywhere… it’s a nice little show.

You can dine-in with a glass of wine, takeout or purchase our fresh pasta to cook at home.