Better Than Yia Yia's: Greek Dips

Joanne, Deanna & Justin

Years of cooking for family and friends, a culinary discovery tour of Crete and superior ingredients add up to Greek dips with a taste so authentic, it inspires nostalgia.

“Since our recipes are made by hand, you can’t rush them,” Joanne’s son Justin says. He hand-whips each batch of Tzatziki using Creton olivewood spoons the family purchased at a market in the Eastern village of Chania, Greece, for exactly this purpose. “Everyone appreciates the quality,” says Joanne. “We haven’t changed the way I would make these recipes for my own family.” That means using the best Greek yogurt from an Ontario farm, Creton olive oil, hand-peeled garlic, fresh squeezed lemons, the finest hand-selected produce and — of course — no fillers or preservatives. 

People would always ask the family where to get the best Greek food in the city. So when Joanne’s daughter Deanna came home one day and said, “Let’s just make our own,” Joanne and Justin jumped on-board.

The Better Than Yia Yia’s line of traditionally made Greek dips includes Lemony Hummus, Roasted Eggplant Melitzana, Feta & Spicy Chili Pepper Tirokafteri, and cool, rich Tzatziki.

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