Buon Ferragosto!

The beach, the sand and the sea calls out to every Italian during the summer months, and that call is answered during the month of August. With summer at its peak, most of the country shuts down so everyone can spend time with those that matter most enjoying good food and drink. 

The holiday officially falls on August 15, a date marked by the Catholic Church when Mary ascended into heaven. But the holiday dates back to 18BC. Started by Emperor Augustus to celebrate the end of harvest, it's a time to celebrate, eat, drink and be merry. Most towns and cities have their own festivities including fireworks, outdoor dinners and horse races; a tradition carried on from the original holidays, the most famous in Siena.

If you are looking to savour Ferragosto in Italy you'll want to visit one of my 3 favourite beaches to celebrate like a true Italian.




Located on the Northern Sicilian coast, this quaint and picturesque beach town is home to a significant amount of Arab-Norman architecture and was hand picked by Director Giuseppe Tornatore to film parts of Cinema Paradiso. One must see is the mosaic adorned Duomo built by the Norman ruler Roger the 2nd. When you want a break from the beach, wander the narrow cobble stone streets and take in the architectural influence of the previous Byzantine, Spanish and Arab rulers.


If you're looking for a spot that has both quiet, pristine beaches and nightlife this will be the spot for you. Located on the southern coast of Sardinia, it's known for its roughly 20 golden sand beaches and natural scents of Myrtle, Juniper and Scotch Broom. The crystal clear waters and beaches are a 5 minute drive away from the city centre where pubs and historic sites like Cava Usai, Fortezza Vecchia, cohabitate while the megalithic complex of Cuili Piras and the forest on Mount Minni Minni are a short drive away.

San Teodoro
This historic fishing town on the northeast corner of Sardinia has developed into a
 one-of-a-kind getaway. Its main feature is the 3 km white sand beach of La Cinta, sitting on pristine waters with a turquoise hint that could rival that of Tahiti. There are plenty of activities to choose from; grab a surfboard and take to the swells or try your hand at kitesurfing. Mount Nieddu is the perfect hike with breathtaking views of the local flora and fauna at the finish. The lagoon is where you'll find rare birds and flocks of flamingos.



It's easy to celebrate Ferragosto at home too. Bring everyone together with our dinner and dessert essentials.