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Celebrate the year of the rooster


January 28 marks the start of the lunar new year. Following along with the Chinese zodiac, it's time for the Rooster to fluff its feathers and get us ready for a year of straight forward work and a healthy dose of determination - traits said to be common in people born under the Rooster. We're you born in either 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005? If so, then there's a chance you fall under the rooster sign and share these traits along with being active, popular in a crowd and loyal.

For most, Chinese New Year is celebrated with family and friends, sometimes at a favourite Chinese restaurant but most likely around the dinner table together with a great meal - a common habit in our homes. New Year's eve dinners usually consist of a fish dish and dumplings filled with meat and vegetables. Dried fruits like kumquats, coconut, and red melon seeds are left out for the family to snack on alongside fresh Pomelo and Tangerines, which are signs of prosperity and wealth. 

Our store kitchens will make it easy to elevate your celebrations at home or join in the festivities by trying lunar new year dishes. Our chefs have developed a special in store menu specifically for the new year that are inspired by their favourite Chinese dishes. You'll find Fried Sea Bream, an assortment of delicious dumplings, spring rolls, fresh tempura shrimp, whole steamed lobsters, Teriyaki beef meatballs, Asian pork belly, Peking duck and more. 

For those who want to do it themselves, we have some items on our shelves and in our counters to bring new life to your new year's dish. Just look for the golden rooster in the aisles for items like Thai coconut milk to add a sweet flavour and creamy texture to your dish or our chicken and beef Yaki skewers from the macelleria (butcher). 

Another tradition includes handing out lucky red envelopes filled with money to young children. On January 28th, we'll give out a lucky offer to shoppers that includes a discount of up to 15% off their purchases*. 

There are more traditions besides the food that is served on Chinese New Year. Most see the new year as a fresh start to almost everything in life. In preparation, most put out fresh bed sheets, give their home a good clean, buy new clothing to wear and even get a fresh haircut. Fireworks are set off at night to mark the transition from the old to the new year. Most Chinese cultural centres and city hubs will have festivities set including lion and dragon dances, so be sure to check it out and join us in ushering in a great new year!


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