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Chad Peterson


Fifth Town Cheese Co. 

Dr. Hugo Bertozzi and Patricia Secord purchased Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. in late 2012, after a fateful Prince Edward County vacation where they learned that the company was struggling. Their mission: revive the county’s 19th Century tradition of small-scale dairy production with a 21st Century twist: A Platinum LEED certified facility, a model of sustainable enterprise management. 
Though coincidental, Bertozzi and Secord’s decision was also fateful. Third generation producers and purveyors of artisan cheeses, they showcase techniques and flavours that are both international and hyper-local. 
When Pusateri’s met the makers at Fifth Town, a love story ensued. The result: Pusateri’s exclusive A Red, Red Rose Pyramid. 
Named after the Robert Burns poem, A Red, Red Rose is a Valençay style pyramid of goat chèvre, dusted with beetroot powder, sprinkled with hibiscus and blanketed with organic rose petals. High butter fat and high protein goat’s milk is brought from the sustainably certified Leroux Farm north of Kingston to the 4,800 ft2 Fifth Town dairy, and in the span of six hours sees the milk pasteurized; bacterial cultures and rennet added and hand stirred; knife cut; ladled and layered with beetroot into pyramid forms; and left to drain overnight. The next day the cheese is removed from its forms and moved into the aging room, where it ages 10 days. 

Valençay (pronounced Vuh-lon-say) cheese is known for its truncated pyramid shape and named after a commune in central France. Story has it that Napoleon, deprived of his dream of becoming the absolute ruler of Egypt after a legendary defeat, was infuriated when served a pyramid-shaped cheese at the castle of Valençay, where he drew his sword and cut the tip off the symbol of his demise. 
Pair with a dry white (Sauvignon, Chardonnay) or a light red (Gamay Noir, Cabernet-Franc), A Red, Red Rose is sure to inspire poetic pause.

Burns said it best: 

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in love am I’
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a’ the sees gang dry.

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