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Cheese & Cheers at Pusateri's


When you think food pairings, I’m sure you can pull out a long list of your favourite options like chocolate chip cookies and milk, or a glass of red wine with a great steak. But there is one combination I bet didn’t make it to your list – cheese and beer. Though maybe not first to mind, this combination will impress at your next dinner party. 

On September 27 at our Saks Food Hall at CF Sherway Gardens, join our Big Cheese Kevin Durkee and Brigid Young from Beau's All Natural Brewing Company for an evening of local cheese & craft beer. Here you'll discover the influences, taste and texture of over 10 local Ontario cheeses as they are paired with the crisp, cold delicious portfolio of Beau's hand-crafted beer. Delve into the story behind each cheese producer, and get practical advice about selecting, serving, pairing and entertaining with cheese & beer.

Plus, you get to take home an award-winning, hand-picked cheese selection to enjoy with family and friends - and we'll even prepare a light meal inspired by Ontario cheese & beer.

What to learn how to pair some of our best cheeses with Beau's best beers? Reserve your spot today as spots are very limited!

Our Big Cheese

Although affectionately know as “The Big Cheese” by family and friends, Kevin Durkee’s official title is Senior Cheese Specialist here at Pusateri’s. He’s responsible for our vast selection of local, international and award-winning cheeses. Durkee’s experience comes from countless years in the food industry, heading foodie-focused events across the country, and appearing on TV and in the media, all centered on his favourite thing on 
earth – cheese!

All about Beau's

Located between Montreal and Ottawa in the township of Vankleek Hill, Beau's All Natural, like us, is a family run brewery but with a passion for organic craft beer. In their 10 years of brewing, their wide selection of beers has amassed numerous awards like Gold at the Canadian Brewing Awards and first place in Pale European Lagers at the National Organic Craft Beer Competition. 

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