Our collection of coffee is anything but common. If you've had the pleasure of enjoying coffee abroad, you'll know that this most popular brew can be so much more than a daily pick-me-up. We have travelled the world over to set our shelves with true coffee experiences.

Medium - Illy Classico 100% Arabica  Earthy - Pusateri's Kopi Luwak  Big-Bodied - Pilot Coffee Roasters Heritage
Enjoy a classic Italian coffee created by skillfully-grown Arabica beans from the world's best growing coffee regions. Smooth and balanced with subtle caramel notes, this full-bodied blend suits all coffee preparations. Custom-packed in Illy's signature air-free, pressurized can to seal in the precious aromas and oils for the freshest tasting coffee, cup after cup.  Considered "Bucket List" beans this is the world's most rare and expensive coffee indulgence. Grown on Sumatra and Java, these beans are collected from the Asain palm civets that roam wild. The animals consume only the ripest coffee cherries, which are naturally fermented as part of their digestive process. The result is one-of-a-kind coffee experience: musty, earthy, exotic, remarkable.  A direct Trade, specialty grade, whole bean coffee from Fazenda Recreio farm in Vale de Grama, Brazil and roasted to perfection locally in Toronto. This steadfast espresso blend from Pilot Coffee Rosters is currently a naturally processed, Yellow Bourbon varietal that is full of flavour and complexity. Featuring hints of dark fruit and Swiss chocolate with a creamy mouth feel.
Smooth - Pusateri's Jamaican Blue Mountain Creamy - Trucillo Il Mio Caffè Classico Medium - Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass
Cultivated on the slopes of Jamaica's Blue Mountains, 7000 feet above sea level, these beans are among the most sought after in the world. A prolonged growing season (nine-10 months from bloom to harvest) results in larger beans imbued with a delicate and complex balance of flavours. The cup is naturally sweet and full-bodied, with a smooth, heady aftertaste. 

Our collection wouldn't be complete without a classic Italian espresso. This blend of Arabica and Robusta beans stands out for its sweet taste and tempting aroma. Wake up (svegliati) like an Italian, with a dense, creamy cup, reminiscent of spice, vanilla and roasted almond. 


Cheeky, bright and precocious, this medium roast blend of African, Central and South American beans is 100% organic and fairtrade. With aromas of sweet syrup, vanilla bean and stone fruit and tasting notes of tart red currant, sugar cane and milk chocolate, this chocolatey coffee concoction is just as delicious whether brewed as an espresso savoured as a cold brew.