Cold-pressed juices

Whether it’s training for that 1km race or holding a warrior pose in a hot yoga class you’re probably trying to keep healthy while juggling family, work and well…life - that’s no easy task. When your body is in need of replenishment, a cold-pressed juice is a great option.

Cold-pressed might sound unfamiliar but the process has been around for a decade. By using a hydraulic press, the highest amount of juice is extracted from each fruit while capturing the largest amount of vitamins and nutrients – something that gets lost with conventional juicing processes.

Ordinarily you’d find juices using uses sharp blades that spin at high speeds resulting in less beneficial nutrients and minerals extracted. Due to the heat created from the blades, this process can accelerate oxidization, changing the natural chemistry of the juices and holding back on the freshness.

Most conventional store-bought juices can take 6 to 12 months to go from juicing to shelf. There is also the process of pasteurizing where the juice is brought to a high temperature and then cooled instantly to kill any harmful bacteria but also good bacteria.

Greenhouse Juice Co. is the fresh alternative to those store bought. Sourced from local farmers they make 100% organic juices and mixes that are worth that daily run.

You can find them in our Sherway Gardens, Yorkville, Oakville and (coming soon) Bayview Village location.