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Colourful Summer Charcuterie


Delight your guests
The best charcuterie is perfectly balanced. Tart, salty manchego and sweet quince. Melt-in-your mouth coppa and pillowy bocconcini, mild Frescatrano olives and sharp Beemster. Order this curated charcuterie board for a lazy afternoon appetizer, best enjoyed with sun and summer cocktails.


  1. Duero Manchego & Quince Twin Pack
  2. Pusateri’s Coppa Emiliana
  3. Pusateri’s Pitted Frescatrano Olives
  4. Piaceri D’Italia Salame
  5. Yellow Peruvian Peppers
  6. Roasted Red Tomatoes
  7. The Fine Cheese Co. Crackers
  8. Fiorelle Bocconcini
  9. Wagener’s Landjaeger
  10. Beemster Graskaas


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