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D.I.Y. tips and tricks


One of the most satisfying parts of cooking is the knowledge and skill development from the culinary arts. It can be quite meditative and relaxing to make your meal. You may even surprise yourself with the level of complexity you can pull off and find that you're a lot better at cooking than you previously thought.

This handy list of cooking tips and tricks will make your time in the kitchen run a little smoother.

  • Take advantage of kitchen scissors to cut up veggies or meats. It's especially handy for cutting smaller portions for children. 
  • Have a cast iron pan that needs cleaning? Try using salt instead of regular dish soap.
  • When roasting veggies on a pan in the oven, don't overcrowd them, give your veggies a bit of room to roast. The result will be much better.
  • Get a fish spatula, yes you read that right; it'll be your new best friend in the kitchen scooping and flipping more than just fish. Pick up brittle cookies, flip roasting eggplant or grab sweet potatoes disks. 
  • If you're a fan of sauces and dips but always have plenty left over, store them in small mason jars with flip lids. Besides easy storage, they are a handy way to serve at your table.
  • You have a recipe that calls for fresh ginger, but can't find your peeler, what do you do? Just grab a spoon and scrape the skin off - it's that simple! 

Another great way to expand your do-it-yourself horizons is to make it a goal of the New Year. Try a new recipe once a week or once a month. It just may lead you to some new favourites.

Get started with any of the numerous recipes on our blog or YouTube channel – with our guidance you'll soon become a master of the kitchen!


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