Discover Europe’s Ham & Cheese

The future of ham & cheese looks deliciously bright.

The origin of the quintessential combination of ham and cheese has been hotly debated in Europe since the 18th Century. We’re far less concerned with the history than we are with the future. Shop our Cheese & Deli collection to discover the finest collection from across Europe and beyond. 

Pusateri’s Prosciutto Riserva 

From legs of specially bred Parma pigs, fed a regulated diet including the whey of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, this prosciutto is sweet and succulent.

Leoncini Prosciutto 

Matured for 24 months, this salt cured pork is soft, silky and incomparably sweet. Streaked with creamy white fat, this prosciutto is the perfect accompaniment to thin-sliced bocconcini. Made exclusively from pork legs and salt in Parma, Italy.

Joselito Jamon Gran Reserva | Pusateri’s EXCLUSIVE 

Rated the best in the world and endorsed by top chefs worldwide, including elBulli’s Ferrán Adriá, this traditional Spanish ham is from Iberian pigs that forage for acorns on the open range. Cured for over 48 months, this fine leg of ham is marbled with aromatic golden-pink fat that melts in the mouth, inundating the palate with its intense, nuanced flavour. Best served at room temperature, it’s very well paired with La Quesera’s Oveja Aux Truffes or Iberico 12 Month Manchego.

Pio Tosini Prosciutto Di Parma | PDO 

Cured for a minimum of 20 months, this Protected Designation of Origin Parma ham is salt cured for 12 months, washed, coated in lard and hung again for 8 months. The resulting leg of ham is distinctly sweet and succulent. Enjoy it at room temperature with chunks of Parmigiano Romano.

EMMA Pecorino Romano | PDO 

“Pecorino” defines Italian cheeses made 100% made from ewe’s milk and “Romano”, as the name suggests, dates this cheese back to ancient Roman times. This hard, sharp and salty cheese is excellent for grating and pairs beautifully with a bold Italian red wine or a light beer.

La Quesera Oveja Aux Truffes 

This blended cow, goat and sheep’s milk cheese is veined with black truffles, for a strong, but not overwhelming, true truffle flavour. Buttery and not too sharp, it’s perfect crumbled into risotto, or simply served atop crackers with a glass of crisp, grassy white wine.

Isigny Sainte-Mère Aged Mimolette 

Nicknamed the “Halloween Cheese”, this cheese is spooky not just in colour (orange with a black rind), but also in the use of cheese mites to form its eyes and tunnels. A true showstopper, this conversation piece tastes similar to aged cheddar and is deliciously decadent, with a nutty, butterscotch profile and caramel notes. Wonderfully served with fruity, acidic red wines like Sangiovese Chianti.

Emma Hand Cut 3-Year Old Parmigiano Reggiano | PDO 

Our king of cheeses, this Parmigiano Reggiano has been manufactured in Parma for over 2,000 years. Aged for 24 months, it can be seen aging a further 12 months through our windowed fridges in store until it reaches three years of age, when it is hand cut by our team of skilled cutters. Use moist and creamy cuts from the center (or heart) for your cheese board and outer cuts with rind for grating over pasta or cooking. Pair with full-bodied white wines or tannic red wines.

Kaltbach Le Gruyere | AOP

Aged one year in Switzerland’s sandstone caves, Kaltbach’s distinctively dark, almost black rind yields to crumbly flesh laced with salt crystals. Fruity with a slight tang, this gruyere makes a stunning fondue when combined with tart cider or pilsner-style beer.

La Quesera Iberico 12 Month Manchego 

With its characteristic blue rind, matched to the colour of the Spanish sky, this Manchego is aged 12 months. Mild and creamy, with a slight sharpness, this cheese is best paired with bold, assertive red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon.