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Queen Street Bakery
Barry Horn, Operations Manager 

Queen Street Gluten Free Bakery


Queen Street Bakery specializes in artisanal, gluten-free and non-GMO breads featuring protein-and antioxidant-rich flours: white bean, romano and grapeskin. Barry Horn’s path to gluten-free mastery began nine years ago, when he was let go from his job and found himself working alongside his wife at her bakery.

Today, the bakery boasts six loaves, all hand made in small batches using simple and premium ingredients.


Nine years ago, I didn’t know what gluten free was – I thought it was a strange, hippie, fad diet.



I was selling construction at the time. I lost my job, so I started working with my wife to build sales at her bakery. In doing that, I met a lot of people who were gluten-free.


I soon learned about Celiac disease and people who couldn’t digest gluten. A really close friend of ours is Celiac and told us there was a demand for GF breads and we should try making them. I was a home baker and I enjoy baking. I started looking at the marketplace and experimenting with different flours. One thing led to another and we developed the bread we have now.


A really close friend of ours is Celiac and encouraged us to try making a gluten-free bread. We had no idea at the time what we were doing or getting into. But—as things often do— one thing led to another… and we developed the bread we have today.


Originally, I developed our recipe with rice flour because it was the go-to GF flour. But, being the person I am, I never conform; I wanted to do things differently, better. I started looking at options, found white bean and romano bean flour and decided to add them to the recipe. The resulting bread was moister and had a more authentic feel. After months of trial and error, it just started working one day.


Grapeskin flour is a very unique ingredient that we add to our bread. It comes from an organic vineyard in St. Catharines. When they’re done pressing their grapes, they mill the remainder into a flour that we add to our bread. Very high in antioxidants, it gives the bread a nice dark purply colour and a hint of sweetness.


Although we’re not GF ourselves, we do eat our bread; we wanted to develop a bread that even people who are not GF would enjoy. Many people are sensitive to gluten and eat GF to avoid bloating, cramps and other symptoms gluten can cause.


White Bean & Millet Seed Loaf Queen Street Bakery

Here are our favourite ways to enjoy our breads:


  • White Bean & Millet Seed Loaf as the base for avocado toast.
  • Romano Bean Loaf toasted with olive oil and crushed garlic.
  • Cinnamon Raisin Loaf is delicious with cream cheese.
  • This season, we are launching Hamburger & Hotdog Buns, just in time for summer BBQs!