Whether it’s a strong cup of coffee with a few bites of chocolate on the side, or a decadently rich gelato, one thing remains constant: Italian desserts may be small & they may be simple—but they never skimp on flavour.  


Coconut Bliss Sweet Cherry Amaretto Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert

A guilty pleasure without the guilt.


Forno Cultura Biscotti & Frollini

Steeped in tradition & quality—flavoured for today’s tastes.


Death In Venice Tiramisu & Marsala Gelato

Really. Really. Good. Gelato.



Udderly Ridiculous Vanilla Bean Lavender Goat’s Milk Ice Cream

Fresh local goat milk, Madagascar Vanilla & Apple Hill Lavender.


Sabadi Latte Tato Organic Chocolate

Cold-worked traditional Sicilian chocolate.



Real Treat Gourmet Cookies Dark Chocolate Chunk With Smoked Pecans

Brown butter cookies with premium dark chocolate chunks & house-smoked pecans.


Ste. Anne's Bakery Chocolate Ice Coconut Cream

Gluten & dairy-free