Eat well all day long

When you eat better you can function better throughout the day at work or at home. The key to making the right choices comes down to having great options for yourself and those you care about. And if you want to eat well throughout the day, it means keeping a balanced diet and not relying on heavily processed foods.


Here are some of our favourite foods that can help you operate at your best throughout the day:

Mettrum Original -Hemp Protein Powder

These pioneers of the hemp industry have a 20-year history of producing great hemp-based products. Their focus is to provide the best and most nutritious items using hemp as a base. Some of our favourites are a hemp protein powder that includes an abundance of amino acids, and a variety of flour mixes for your cookie and brownie baking needs.

If the word Hemp sounds new to you, it shouldn't. Hemp is believed to be one of the oldest crop grown by man. This tall, sturdy and fast growing plant can is used for a variety of purposes besides flour and protein powder. Because of its versatile composition, it's perfect for making rope or even fabric.


BioSteel - Protein Powder

When you hit the gym, it’s important to start the repair and recovery process sooner rather than later. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer protein and powders from BioSteel. Most of their supplements avoid the use of sugars, caffeine and stimulants so you get a more even distribution of nutrients. Come check out our BioSteel smoothies at our Yogurt Bar at CF Toronto Eaton Centre.


Rolling Meadows - Dairy Products

Eating well all day comes down to moderation, and healthy moderation at that. Rolling Meadows’ focus is to provide only the best quality of dairy products, so when you reach for that stick of butter you know you are making the right choice. Their cows are fed only grass all year long and do not come in contact with antibiotics at any stage of the process. Because they are fed grass their fatty acid profile is better for you, with a higher ration of Omega-3 fats. You only need a little bit of this butter to realize the flavour is uniquely satisfying.


Bob’s Oatmeal In A Cup

Life gets busy sometimes and it’s important not to skip meals – especially breakfast. Bob’s Oatmeal in a Cup is the perfect helper for mornings when you’re trying to get everyone ready and out the door. Made of quick cooking rolled oats, old-fashioned rolled oats and stone-ground Scottish oatmeal, it is gluten-free, kosher, high in fiber and is ready in only three minutes!


Nun Fud - Crackers

When hunger strikes and you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar from the vending machine, grab some Nud Fud instead. Founded by a dancer who turned to holistic nutrition to help her after burning tons of calories dancing, these vegan, organic, paleo, gluten-free raw snacks are perfect to satisfy that midday craving.


Pusateri’s Bulk Program

If you are looking for another alternative to snack on throughout the day check out our blue food program. We have a wide assortment of dried fruits and nuts, specially produced for us, that taste amazing and provide great nutritional value when you’re looking for something to nibble on.


Pusateri’s Prepackaged Foods

When you are short on time and still need to eat delicious, turn to the prepack section in all of our stores. It’s the same great quality of the food you get from behind the counter, just packed away ready for you to enjoy when you need to. With a variety of options like butter chicken, spaghetti and meatballs and our new gluten-free options, you no longer need to skip a meal, or settle for something that doesn’t taste great!