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Our weekly fresh finds

filler As the weather changes, so do the types of dishes we prepare for our family and ourselves. For fall this means making more heartier meals, bigger panini, and soups or chilis. To celebrate the first week of fall, I've put together a list of favourites for you to try. They are rapini, baby spinach, vine cluster tomatoes, red peppers, red seedless grapes plus organic red leaf, green leaf, and romaine lettuce - and all at a great price in stores.

Leafy greens are always a great addition to any meal or on their own in a salad. Better yet they can help you transition from your summer burgers to fall panino. If you still want to hold onto summer for just one more bite, try our Turkey Burger recipe and add one of the lettuces mentioned for a pleasant earthy flavour.

My other green favourites like rapini and baby spinach are also full of flavour but bring great health benefits. A popular vegetable in Italy, rapini is known to have cancer-fighting phytochemicals called indole-3-carbonol (I3C). Spinach has a long list of health benefits but can make a great new side dish. Try having creamed spinach at your Thanksgiving table this year, your guests will be impressed with your interpretation of a stand-alone vegetable.

Introduced to North America over 300 years ago by the Spanish, grapes are a perfect light snack or a light dessert. With over 8000 varieties from 60 different species, you'll never get bored of them. Like grapes, red peppers have a great health benefit including being rich in antioxidants and are actually unripe green peppers - who knew! Vine tomatoes also follow the same suit, the best time to pick a tomato (if you grow them) is when is mostly still green and about to turn red.

Come into our stores to pick up any of my fall favourites, they'll help keep your family's stomach warm and full this fall.

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