Ferragosto Dessert

Once you've had your fill of dinner, with lamb, pork or the flakey fish, you'll want to cap it off with a nice glass of wine and, more importantly, something sweet for dessert.

In true Italian form, the perfect complement to any meal is a slice of tiramisù, made

 from espresso-soaked savoiardi and topped with a layer amaretto flavoured mascarpone. Our Desserts Trends Tiramisu Cups are ideal for a day out on the beach, or grab the full cake made in house using nonna Dina, my mother’s, famous recipe.

Gelato from Hotel Gelato is the best way to cool down after a long day out in the sun. Made from all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives, it's both decadent and delicious. For a limited time, Hotel Gelato will be available at Bayview Village, CF Sherway Gardens and Avenue Road.

A new edition to our stores is cotton candy from Fancy Pufs. What makes these puffs of cotton so fancy you ask? They’re all natural, gluten free, and organic and for Ferragosto we’ve created a batch of exclusive flavours for Pusateri’s like limoncello, prosecco and amarena cherry.

Of course, don't forget the main course, but sometime’s it’s ok to eat dessert first.