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Ferragosto dinner


A big part of Ferragosto is heading to the beach or a lakeside villa with friends and family to enjoy the summer and the delicious food that comes along with it.

Meals can range from full course family style menus to smaller bite-sized snacks. Recreate your Ferragosto dinner at home thanks to our dinner essentials that you can easily grab at any Pusateri's location.

Start with a few skewers of lamb speidini. A staple at most Ferragosto dinners, our tender lamb skewers come grilled at La Cucina

No Italian dinner is complete without a serving of fresh pasta. If nonna needs a break, choose a box of Rigatoni or classic Spaghetti from Di Martino, a family run pasta house who has been making some of the best tasting pasta for over 100 years.

Porchetta is the perfect alternative to lamb. Cut from the rib end and loin, it comes seasoned with a blend of coriander and parsley and wrapped in pancetta. Links of mild pork sausage are also an easy-to-cook addition to your dinner menu. Our house made sausages follow a recipe developed by Cosimo Pusateri himself and have the perfect blend of herbs and spices.

Fishing has been a huge part of Italian culture, so having a few fish options will help create the authenticity of your next Italian Summer dinner. Serve our delicious branzino grilled and with a light pepper and olive dressing. Freshly squeezed lemon over baked orata will make your guests say grazie!

Your Ferragosto dinner will be a winner. Ask us in store for any other Italian Summer needs - especially dessert.

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