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Fresh Finds of the week

filler This week we have a new list of fresh products you have to come in and try. They'll make a great addition to your hearty fall meals or add a kick of freshness to your morning and afternoon snacks.

Known for its smaller size and ability to hold more water than most fruit, mini watermelons are perfect as a light snack or in a smoothie. Add mini watermelons, strawberries and bananas for morning smoothie that is full of vitamin A, C, and potaassium - a delicious and healthy start to your mornings.

Our hot house tomatoes make transitioning from summer bruschettas to fall chilis a breeze. High in lycopene (an antioxidant) that protects against harmful UV rays and a source of Vitamin C. Pick some up for lunch; they add a robust flavour to our prosciutto panino recipe.

They might not be a favourite of the little ones at the table, but organic broccoli has numerous health benefits from being high in folic acid to vitamin C. Native to Italy, specifically Calabria, broccoli was once known as "Italian Asparagus". You can thank Thomas Jefferson for its migration to North Ameria, where he planted the seeds in his garden in 1767. Tired of having steamed broccoli? Try roasting them; just drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper and place in the oven at 220 Celsius for 10 - 15 min. You can toss them in your favourite pasta dish.

Nothing says fall more than picking apples or the smell of apple pie fresh out of the oven. It's why I've saved my favourite fresh find of the week for last. Made by cross-breeding Golden Delicious and Kidd's Orange Red, Gala Apples are a sweeter alternative to the popular Red Delicious. On top of being a high source of fibre, its thin skin and smaller size make a great snack for kids!

Be sure to come into our stores to pick up our fresh finds and discover more foods for your fall meals. Don't forget, with Thanksgiving coming up our catering services can help take a load off when planning your celebration - order today.

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