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Galleria Boulevardier


The Galleria Boulevardier is the Italian-Canadian cousin of the Negroni, using Canadian Whiskey in place of gin and Capo Capo Aperitivo for Campari.
With toasty, warm Collingwood Whiskey and the caramelized rhubarb notes of Capo Capo, this cocktail is rich, bold and earthy. We love pairing this sturdy yet sweet drink with a sultry, full-flavoured bite, like our Classic Meatballs. Enjoy it at Pusateri’s Champagne Bar at our Saks Food Hall locations or try your hand at home.


0.5 oz Collingwood Blended Canadian Whiskey
0.5 oz Capo Capo Aperitivo
0.5 oz Sweet vermouth
Orange twists 

Preparation Instructions

    1. Fill a rocks glass with ice.

    2. Add Collingwood Whiskey, Capo Capo and sweet vermouth and stir to mix.

    3. Top with an orange twist.

    4. Use a skewered Pusateri’s Classic Meatball to garnish or serve on a small plate accompanying this drink.


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