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Get Grilling: The Flat Master


Often in a hurry and keen to optimize their time at the grill the Flat Master never falters on quality and taste. Their meat of choice is the “spatchcock” or flattened chicken. Although it's a departure from classic traditions, it gives those traditions an updated approach.

To grill, first sear on high heat (500°F), then reduce temperature to 350°F. A meat thermometer should be used to ensure it's cooked until an internal temperature of 74°C (165F) is reached for at least 15 seconds. 


Choice of Meat: Chicken Whole Semi Boneless Piri Piri Style
Favourite Sides: Tomato Panzanella, Raspberry Mint Beet Salad, Garlicy Broccoli
Best Seasonings: TBQ Rub, Bella Cucina Artichoke Lemon Pesto


Pita Delight Alwatan
Preferred Dessert: DeeBees TeaPops
Refreshing Fruits: Oranges
Go-to Drink: Rosé, Verdelho White Wine



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