Get Grilling: The Rotisserist

Also known as the "Spit Master”, the Rotisserist is an aficionado of an increasingly popular cooking style often referred to as primal chic. That’s why you'll find the Rotisserist posted by the spit rather than the grill. Another patient barbecuer, the Rotisserist enjoys hosting large groups and has a great sense of pride in their culinary feats. Season meat with your favourite herbs/rub mix. A liquid may be brushed on while the roast is cooking and cooking times vary depending on weight of meat. 

Using an internal meat thermometer measure:

Medium rare: Cook until internal temperature is 145°F for 15 seconds. 
Medium: Cook until internal temperature is 160°F for 15 seconds. 
Well done: Cook until internal temperature is 170°F for 15 seconds.


Choice of Meat: Beef Rib Roast Bone-In Canadian Angus French Style
Favourite Sides: Herb Roasted Potatoes, Spicy Rapini, Grilled Artichoke Salad
Must-Have Snacks: Snacks 101 Smokey Chipotle, Snacks 101 Sweet Spicy Sriracha


Fred’s Bread Yukon Gold Potato Focaccia

Refreshing Fruit:

Whole Pineapple
Go-to Drink:  Young Cabernet Sauvignon, Dark & Stormy Cocktail



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