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Get Grilling: The Smoke Master


Also known as “the Smoker” or “Slow Cooking Master”, they're the most patient of barbecuer dedicating their time to getting that smoked meat just right. Less restricted by a recipe, the Smoke Master is very particular in their methods and stays true to family traditions for smoking meat. 

To cook, first sear the roast on high heat, then reduce cooking temperature to 300°F. Cook until an internal temperature of 71°C (160°F) is reached for at least 15 seconds.


Choice of Meat: Pork Blade Roast
Favourite Sides: Moishes Creamy Cole Slaw, Moishes Famous Cole Slaw, Moishes Potato Salad
Best Seasonings:  TBQ Hot Sauce, TBQ Sweet Sauce, Pickled Pink Sweet Pickles


Pusateri’s Cornbread
Preferred Dessert: Sullivan & Bleeker S'mores Kit 
Go-to Drink:  Zinfandel, Classic Mojito


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