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Get Grilling: The Traditionalist


The Traditionalist is a barbequing aficionado who advocates for grilling traditions and is averse to trends. They're also known as the "Steak Master” or “Steak Connoisseur”. These grillers, have a high attention to detail and ultimately know their way around the grill. A stickler for proper grilling techniques, they can often be found hosting parties and leading educational demonstrations for guests on how to grill properly.

To grill, first sear on high heat (500°F or higher), then reduce temperature to 350°F. 
A meat thermometer should be used to ensure: 

Medium rare: Cook until internal temperature is 145°F for 15 seconds. 
Medium: Cook until internal temperature is 160°F for 15 seconds. 
Well done: Cook until internal temperature is 170°F for 15 seconds.


Choice of Meat Dry Aged New York AAA Striploin
Favourite Sides: Woodland Mushrooms, Steamed Vegetables, Elegance Asparagus
Best Seasonings: Urban Accents Balsamic Onion Veggie Seasoning


Boulart French Baguette
Preferred Dessert: Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake with Ice Cream
Refreshing Fruits & Vegetables: Fennel, Oranges
Go-to Drink: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pale Ale Beer



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