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Get to know our alternative grain bread choices



You've been a bread lover for many years but recently discovered your body doesn't share the same love anymore. The news might seem like the end of the world but, what if there were bread options available for you to make your favourite French toast or grilled cheese? 

Here are 5 options for alternative grains so you don't have to say goodbye to bread:

Thornbury Bakery Original Gluten Free Chia Loaf and Baguette

The tiny little black seeds you sometimes see on top of healthy shakes, punch much more above their weight than you’d think. Gram for gram, chia seeds have more Omega-3s than salmon. It’s fitting that the word ‘chia’ comes from the Mayan word for strength. 

Thornbury Bakery’s Original Gluten Free Chia Loaf comes loaded with this super-food. Perfect for pairing with slices of turkey, add fresh hummus and baby sprouts to create the tastiest midday sandwich you’ve had in a while.


Thornbury Bakery Original Gluten Free Chia Baguette

This Gluten Free Chia Baguette will make the perfect appetizer for your next dinner party with guests who are gluten-intolerant. The recipe took over four months to develop (which is also egg and dairy free), and the result is a soft and fluffy baguette you'll want to dive into with or without butter. Split it across the middle for a submarine-style sandwich or slice and toast to make delicious crostini for dips and spreads.

Inewa Organic Kamut Brioche

Anytime you are craving white bread or challah, try Inewa’s Organic Kamut Brioche instead. Kamut is the name for a very specific kind of wheat variety that is always organic and non-GMO. Kamut bread has significant anti-inflammatory properties due to its high antioxidant, phenol and carotenoid levels – great news for many people with chronic inflammation. This brioche is perfect with pulled pork, white cheddar cheese and red pepper jelly - for a unique taste on the classic grilled cheese.


Inéwa Kamut Whole Grain Loaf

This whole grain loaf is an interesting and unique alternative to traditional whole wheat bread. The taste of Kamut is reminiscent of hazelnut butter, which gives it a rich and slightly sweet flavour. Descended from durum wheat, this whole grain loaf contains less than 1% gluten and 20-40% more protein than regular whole wheat bread.


Inéwa Kamut Raisin Loaf

Did you know half the weight of this loaf comes from the raisins? This is the only raisin bread made from kamut flour, with less than 1% gluten per loaf. So if you're looking for an alternative to plain old raisin bread, why not give this a try? 

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