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Gift Guide for the Food Lover

These personal gifts are the perfect way to tell your favourite foodie that they’re your favourite… for less than $50.
  1. Toque et Tablier – FruitcakeFor the fruitcake lover in your life, this triplicate is sure to titillate. 

  2. Le Roy René Calissons D’Aix: Part fruit gelée, part macaron, all Provençal delicacy.  

  3. CXBO Bonbons and Disco Egg: Uniquely beautiful and delicious, CXBO’s award-winning chocolates will earn the favour of your favourite chocoholic. 

  4. Charbonnel et Walker Champagne Truffles: When you don’t know what champagne to choose, pink champagne truffles do the trick. 

  5. Cartwright & Butler BiscuitsFor the butter-loving baker who needs a sweet night off. 

  6. Venchi Cremini Assortment: Layers of hazelnut and almond paste, milk and white chocolate. Who are we kidding? This gift might not make it to its destination. 

  7. Joselito Jamón: For the charcuterie enthusiast, give the gift of the “mejor jamón del mundo”. 

  8. Herve Pékèt: If someone you love is a turophile (cheese fancier), fancy up his/her collection with this traditional Belgian cheese, washed and infused with the subtle flavour of local Juniper berry alcohol (Pékèt). 

  9. Northern Divine Caviar: A sustainable, certified organic and OceanWise™ choice for the caviar connoisseur. 

  10. Oro de Pòe Olive Oil: Oro means “gold” and this delicate, fresh and fruity Northern Italian olive oil is a gold standard gift you’ll want to hang around to dip into with your foodie friend. 

  11. Pusateri’s Olive Oil & Balsamic Set: Balsamic is the new bouquet. The host/ess will get more pleasure from this hand-picked collection of extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic, than any flower arrangement. 

  12. Niagara Presents Ice Wine Jellies: A sweet gift for the oenophile, these wine jellies capture the unique flavours of premium Niagara wines and spread over just about anything. 

  13. Rosewood Estates Honeycomb: Gift your top chef the gift they didn’t even know they always wanted: part ingredient, part garnish, part experience.


Pusateri’s is the destination for food gifts, shop in-store for the full assortment.



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