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Take the stress out of the holidays


The Holidays are approaching, and whether you're ready for it or not, your family and their friends will be gathering around your fireplace with hot chocolates in hand and opening gifts. Don't fear because stress has no place in your holiday prep this year. Save yourself with our foolproof checklist to doing it all with time to spare.

6 Weeks to Christmas

  • Pour yourself a glass of wine and get baking. Since most baked-goods are easily freezable, get working on your masterpieces and then stow them away.
  • Make a master gift and card list complete with current mailing addresses. Who’s getting what this year?


5 Weeks to Christmas

  • Get thee to the store and scoop up the most unique items while they are still in stock. Then, after a relaxing post-shopping spree bath, order anything online that might require extra shipping time.


4 Weeks to Christmas

  • Continue your shopping missions and wrap gifts as soon as you bring them home—the last thing you need is a Christmas Eve wrapping-endued meltdown.
  • Mail your cards.


3 Weeks to Christmas

  • Send a brawny family member out to fetch a live tree while you get crafty with décor ideas. If you’re feeling really festive, invite a few friends or family members over for a tree clipping party complete with spiked eggnog.
  • Finalize your holiday menus and order any meats or catering that require advanced notice. Call Pusateri’s at 416-785-9100 to place your order.


2 Weeks to Christmas

  • Make sure your out-of-towner gifts are mailed and accounted for.
  • Shop for wine, spirits and anything non-perishable.


1 Week to Christmas

  • You deserve a break! Curl up with popcorn and your favourite holiday film (Elf, anyone?). Rejoice in your complete lack of stress.


2 Days to Christmas

  • Pick up the last of your groceries, including fruits, vegetables and herbs. 
  • Make a final tip sheet for your Christmas meals and activities. Remind any friends or family members of the jobs they’ve been assigned (don’t forget to outsource!).


1 Day to Christmas

  • It’s show time! Turn on your favourite cooking soundtrack and make those recipes sing.
  • Set the table, but keep any finishing flourishes aside—you want the final touches to surprise and delight! 


The Big Day

  • Finish any last-minute wrapping, cooking and tidying.
  • Sit back and enjoy!!


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