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Leandro Baldassare


Baldassare Pasta Fresca

“Tradition is faultless,” says Leandro (Leo) Baldassarre, adding, “I almost adhere to it to a fault.” Leo literally consumed Italian tradition, growing up in Woodbridge, Ontario. Leo’s family table never lacked for food prepared according to Old World recipes: from his grandfathers’ fire roasted peppers and cured meats to his Nonna’s fresh sauces.
Leo’s culinary journey started young and took him to culinary school and then to Italy, where he worked at Dal Pescatore. With three Michelin stars and voted among the world’s top 50 restaurants, Dal Pescatore attracts chefs from around the world to train. There, he learned that the perfect piece of pasta starts with the perfect pasta dough. Which in turn starts with fantastic eggs and fantastic flour. But fantastic ingredients and fantastic pasta were nowhere to be found upon his return to Toronto.
Unwilling to accept the sub-par pasta he was eating in Toronto’s restaurants, Leo rented a space on College Street and started making pasta fresca, the traditional way. From organic corn-fed eggs to flour from the miller who made the flour Dal Pescatore used… Leo makes no compromises for his customers, Toronto’s choice chefs.
“When chefs are using our products,” says Leo, “I want them first and foremost to feel like they using the best pasta they can possibly get.” One plate of pasta at a time, Baldassarre Pasta Fresca is changing Torontonian pasta tradition… for the better.

This December, visit the Champagne Bar at CF Toronto Eaton Centre and CF Sherway Gardens for a special menu featuring Leo's pasta fresca


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