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Lisa Sanguedolce


Elle Dee Cakes 

Sisters Lisa and Joy Sanguedolce pride themselves on taking baking back to anything-but-boring basics. Starting with a recipe that could have come from your grandma’s repertoire (in case your grandma didn’t bake, by this we mean: the finest ingredients, real butter and no additives and preservatives), Lisa, Joy and their team of talented bakers and designers make their cakes by hand, fresh to order. 
Although they’re old school in their approach, their products are anything but. Notorious for their unicorn cakes (pretty rainbow mane, tall golden horn, stunningly delicious), Elle Dee Cakes’ team may as well be magical unicorns themselves. Bakers passionate about their craft whose tireless tweaking produces fine cake you’d be proud to serve your families. Designers from sculpting and fine art backgrounds. And a family that bakes with heart. 
Lisa and Joy started Elle Dee in 2016, driven by a passion to provide something different in the cake world, and they’ve been mixing things up ever since. “Cakes that we had growing up are still on store shelves, look and taste the exact same way and are made by the same companies 20 years on,” said Lisa. “We wanted to create unique, exciting and fun designs and to be a fresh, vibrant company.” 

Bespoke and beautiful are how they describe their popular ‘Signature Collection’, available at Pusateri’s. Festive and fashionable are how we describe their Woodland Yule Log, a Pusateri’s exclusive that (quite literally) turns the traditional Yule Log cake on its end. Delicious Belgian chocolate sponge cake, creamy peppermint buttercream icing, meringue mushrooms and candied fondant create a realistic, centerpiece-worthy dessert to adorn your holiday table and give your family meal a sweet ending.


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