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Martin Valiquette


Riviera Cultured Butters

At the helm of a Quebec brand called a dairy trendsetter and heralded for the transformation of the dairy industry, Martin Valiquette is no stranger to challenge. With a nose for potential products, Martin’s mission is to create European-inspired products that answer food trends and consumer needs. Compared to the large and crowded European dairy market, the Canadian market has ample room for improvement, originality and innovation, he notes. The keys, according to Martin, happen to be characteristics he has in spades: audacity and creativity!
Common and widely available in Europe, cultured butter is rare in Canada. Under Martin’s leadership, Riviera studied and imported the know-how to create a European-standard product on this side of the Atlantic. Milk from parent company Laiterie Chalifloux is separated and the cream is matured with the addition of lactic ferments, which flavour and thicken the cream. The cream is beaten then kneaded to create butter with a full-bodied, creamy texture, slightly tart flavour and salt crystals that softly melt on the tongue. Packaged in reusable glass ramekins, in a nod to old-fashioned glass bottles used for dairy-making, Riviera Cultured Butter is equally divine in cooking or simply enjoyed on bread.
Riviera is renowned for its focus on craftsmanship, from its choice ingredients to its notoriously beautiful and reusable packaging. If butter could talk, Riviera’s would say to Pusateri’s customers: “Ravi de faire votre connaissance!” Pleasure to meet you, indeed.

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