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New alternatives


Self-improvement doesn’t have to be limited solely to the time around the new year. For a better, you, dust off those old routines and add some flavour to your life with new alternatives that are sure to become new favourites.

For instance, when you feel a snack craving coming on, instead of reaching for chocolate or some chips, try reaching for a date instead. Dates are naturally sweet and full of essential nutrients - this means they’ll keep you more full throughout the day.

Our Daits Bar at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre has the best selection of dates and with a gourmet twist. You could choose peanut butter for a balance of healthy and delicious, or if you’re feeling really fancy, try the ones adorned with 24K gold flakes!

Tea for a purpose is a hot item this year. Not only can you enjoy the wonderful flavours and colours of our choice brand Sloane Tea, but grabbing that second cup will pack on the added benefits. Some teas can calm you down before bed; others may help revitalize and cleanse your system. Every beautiful cup of Sloane Tea is made with the freshest and finest ingredients, and are regularly assessed by third party tea sommeliers for quality.

Switch up your morning routine with something a little more exciting like cold brewed coffee and award-winning almond milk from Califia Farms. The California-based producer makes it easy for you to go plant-powered and without compromise. Their drinks are non-GMO, great tasting and are a welcome addition to the toolkit of self-improvement. Pusateri’s is proud to be one of the first in Canada to have Califia on our shelves and we know you’ll love adopting their products as part of your improved morning routine.

Matcha Ninja is new to the Pusateri’s staple of products as well. They produce raw, organic matcha with the goal of bringing it to the masses. They maintain a strong focus on taste, quality and time. Matcha Ninja in particular doesn’t clump, nor does it require stirring or whisking which means it is a huge time saver. You can even mix it with either cold or hot water, making it a versatile caffeine substitute.


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