Nom Noms World Food


This past August we welcomed the multi-award-winning Nom Noms World Foods into our stores and the response has been nothing short of spectacular. Nom Noms World Foods is an in-depth exploration of the flavours and cultures of more than 20 culinary destinations – through their delicious meals and through their one-of-a-kind immersive technology that allows you to scan the package to experience the sights and sounds of the country of your meal’s origin.

And, what’s more is Nom Noms “one for me = one for you” meal-for-meal program. For each meal purchased, one meal is provided for an underprivileged child. According to Nom Noms founder Lisa Sohanpal, “we have already provided more than 800,000 meals through our partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation, and we have our sights set on reaching 1,000,000 before the year is out.”

Lisa and her husband and partner Dr. Imrat Sohanpal launched Nom Noms in the UK with a vision to feed the world. “It’s vital that our message, mission and purpose guide our company into the future”, says Sohanpal. “Our aim is to revolutionize the ready-meal market by creating authentic flavours of each region we highlight such that each bite is filled with a visit to a local café or restaurant in the country that inspired the meal. Our goal is to have families and foodies alike experience a taste and cultural adventure like no other on the market today.”

Lisa works with local chefs and food scientists to craft her proprietary recipes employing each region’s authentic spice blends, tastes and textures. “Every one of our dishes is packed with nutrients and, every one of our dishes is low in sodium and free of additives and refined sugar. Made with ingredients that you know and trust, Nom Noms meals each pack 20-30 grams of protein.”


Nom Noms meals are offered in multiple sizes and formats. There are Mini Nom Noms for kid-sized appetites, and Mega Nom Noms and wraps for bigger appetites. The line offers a selection of both meat-based and plant-based proteins including:

  • Mexican Chicken Fajitas
  • South Indian Lamb Tandoori Wrap
  • Malaysian Chicken Laksa
  • Malaysian Plant-based Chick*n Laksa
  • Mediterranean Falafel Wrap
  • Moroccan Veggie Tagine
  • Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wrap
  • Korean Beef Wrap
  • Korean Plant-based Beef Wrap
  • And, many, many more!

Since their launch in 2014 Nom Noms World Foods has grown into an internationally recognized brand renowned  for their healthy, fresh, delicious, nutritious and authentic meals that are convenient and easy to prepare. As well, Nom Noms has garnered more than 50 industry awards for innovation, packaging, design, entrepreneurship, customer engagement, and, of course, flavour. Most recently Nom Noms earned the prestigious 2019 Telus Multicultural Business of the Year Award.

But, it’s one of Nom Noms “royal” acknowledgements that truly stands out. Nom Noms World Food is featured in Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s recent book that includes all of their favourite things. The book, titled Our Royal Baby, launched September 4th in 125 countries worldwide.

What’s left for these culinary visionaries? Well, Lisa and husband Imrat are committed to building a worldwide Nom Noms community that is focussed on natural, nutritious and flavourful meals and an experience that allows them to virtually visit each of the countries Nom Noms features.

“You can virtually visit a Moroccan market, take a jaunt through the streets of India or any one of 20 other virtual reality experiences simply by scanning our packaging” says Lisa.

Nom Noms innovative use of experiential VR and AI technology is being hailed as an industry first. “We appreciate that we’ve been recognized for our innovative use of virtual reality,” continues Lisa, “but, first and foremost Nom Noms is committed to continuing to deliver healthy, nutritious, flavourful, and authentic meals! We’re proud to exclusively offer Nom Noms World Foods at Pusateri’s locations across the GTA.”