Olio D’Oliva

“Alta Extra Virgin Olive Oil magically enhances the flavour of any food. If I have a tomato, fresh from my garden, it’ll take that tomato & amplify its flavour.”

- Angelo Tramonti, President, Sarafino


“We have the biggest olive trees in the world in Calabria, 80 feet tall and a couple meters across—which is a tale of how old these trees are. We’re surrounded by ancient olive groves up to 2,000 years old and then there are new groves like ours (est. 1940). The Fratelli Fazari—the five brothers, my father’s first cousins—laid down a solid foundation so what our family has today is a very flourishing, high-quality production’’, says Angelo.

“Olive oil is part of our DNA. I was born into it, but not really’’, Angelo Tramonti recounts. After several trips to the olive grove started by his bisnonno (great grandfather). In 1939, Angelo wanted to be part of something that seemed pretty amazing. He and his parents tested the market with a kiosk in Toronto's Yorkdale Mall, and from there—“it took over my life pretty quickly and grew over the years… a few cases, a couple of pallets, several containers a year. It’s very rewarding.”

Rewarding is an understatement for someone who eats, sleeps and breathes olive oil quite literally. For him, and so many of Mediterranean descent, olive oil is the base of their diet. From the sizzle at the beginning of the dish to drizzle at the end, it runs throughout the entire meal.

Not only does it make food taste great; it also brings health benefits, as a fat that helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K. “Hippocrates, father of medicine was known for prescribing olive oil,’’ Angelo concludes. “Mediterranean medicine is what it is, aside from a gourmet delight.”

The Olearia San Giorgio Olive Oil line can be found in the kitchens of the best restaurants internationally. The newest addition, Altanum (Alta) is a beautiful blend of 5 olive varietals, boasting a medium light fruity bouquet—ideal drizzled over fish, salad, and pizza.


Green & Grilled Pizza

Each flavour speaks in this novel collection; pesto, mozzarella di bufala, green grapes, olives, arugula, and pine nuts decorate this grilled 

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