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Olio Essenziale


A tour of Italy through six exquisite olive oils.


Extra virgin olive oil—the unadulterated juice of the olive—is a cornerstone of Mediterranean cuisine. More than an ingredient, it’s a lifestyle, with a myriad of benefits for your health & your cooking. 

Italy has the richest biodiversity in olive cultivars, with over 650 varieties across its 20 olive growing regions. You can taste the terroir in each batch of olive oil, as well as the influences of culture, style & technology. 


Olive Oil Tasting

Hold the oil in a small cup between your hands, covering the top and swirling. Close your eyes and inhale deeply.

Concentrate on what your sense of smell is telling you. Then take a small sip, rolling the oil around your mouth over all your taste buds. Breathe in some air to oxygenate the oil.

Focus on the sensations of taste and touch as the oil travels from the tip to the end of your tongue. The more the oil reminds you of the plant world, the more fruity, bitter and spicy its flavours and aromas, the finer it is.


Elena Lepori, Olive Oil Consultant, Lugano Fine Foods





Pruneti Frantoio Bio

Mandranova Nocellara

Domenica Fiore Olio Reserva

Oil of the Frantoio olive, with its quintessential Tuscan profile.

A robust oil from the Nocellara olive, fruit of Southern Italy.

Recently awarded Best Organic Olive Oil in the world at the TerraOlivo Awards.

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 Uliva DOP Garda Trentino Alto Adige

Pusateri’s Delicato

Castello Di Ama

A monovarietal oil from the Casaliva olive, prized for its light, aromatic flavour.

Our team has scoured Italy to bring our very own Extra Virgin Olive Oil to market.

From a blend of olives grown in the Chianti region— province of several of the world’s best wines.

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