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Our Favourite Oysters


A delicacy throughout the world oysters are no strangers to the menus at almost every fine establishment and have even helped fueled industrial growth at the turn of the century. An interesting fact: one of the oldest streets in Manhattan (Pearl St. which marked the original shoreline) got its name from the large amounts of oyster beds that lined the island. To celebrate our love of these tasty mollusks and national oyster day on August 5th, we’ve put together a short list of our favorite oysters for you to try.    


Glacier Bay
A great starter oyster in our selections, these oysters have a very clean, crisp and subtle flavour. Harvested in New Brunswick they’re great for the novice oyster enthusiast.

One of the most popular oysters available; they have the perfect balance of sweetness, brininess, and meatiness. Locally harvested at Malpeque Bay in P.E.I. and another beginner oyster, it was awarded the world’s tastiest oyster at a Paris exhibition in 1900.

Rasberry Point
Known for their salty taste, clean flavour and a wonderful sweet finish are the Rasberry Point oysters. Grown on the north side of P.E.I., the frigid waters help develop their lighter flavour and nicer looking shells. But these cold waters make for a longer harvest time, about 6 years to be exact; making these oysters a true delicacy.


In addition to our 3 favourites we carry a wide selection of oysters to choose from including Pickle Point, Kumatomo, and Beausoleil. The best way to enjoy our oysters is simply on their own and with one of many delightful sauces on the side. Try a hot sauce, horseradish, aioli or mignonettes. If you’re looking for a better pairing pour a glass of your favourite wine or premium beer. If you're feeling brave enough pick up our shucking tools from our CF Sherway Gardens location to bring the fresh sea experience home.

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