Our fresh finds for the week of October 24

Our fresh finds of the week are ready for your favourite dessert or homemade juice. Pick up some in stores today and at this this week's featured prices.

Besides being high in vitamin C and rich in antioxidants, raspberries are a perfect substitute when you've had your fill of strawberry. You can bake raspberry tarts or add it to you cheesecake mix for a tart flavour to balance out all the sweetness. Or dry them at home and add to your trail mix.

Want some crunch in your salad but don't like croutons? Substitute with our mini carrots. Carved from slimmer adult carrots, these minis will give your salad the sweet and fresh flavour it wants. Better yet, roast with some garlic and butter for a savoury side dish.

Just because the temperature is dropping it doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to all your favourite summer foods, just find a new way to use them! Try some pineapple as a marinade for your baked chicken breast or chicken wings. You can also juice it with some coconut water for a classic pina colada or try some spinach, celery, pear and strawberry for a great tasting juice. Pineapples are a great source of manganese and vitamin C, so go ahead and have that second glass.

Ever wondered which apple is the best to bake with? The Granny Smith is one of the best choices. This apple has the perfect balance of sweet and tart and won't turn to mush under the heat. But if you are looking for an apple to melt under the heat for applesauce, try our Royal Gala variety instead. Both are high in fibre and a healthy snack.