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Our fresh finds for the week of October 9



Another week another list of produce features, but this time our sweet kale salad, raspberries and artisan lettuce are taking centre stage. You'll want to grab these healthy eats from the fridge now that you've had your fill of turkey and stuffing. 

A relative to roses, raspberries are a delicious and healthy snack that's rich in vitamin C and contain roughly 8 grams fibre in one cup. They're perfect after yoga or in your morning yogurt. Just take your individual plan or vanilla yoghurt cups and add a handful of the berries granola to your liking. 

With Thanksgiving over, there's a chance your meals going forward will have more greens in it or comprise of greens entirely. Elevate your salad with our T&A Artisan Lettuce, the oak, tango and gem lettuce varieties in the pack will give your salad an earthy but not too bitter flavour. These heads are never processed and packed right on the field which means only the best are hand selected. A great source of vitamin A, they provide the right crunch and flavour for a salad or main dish. 

If you want more from your salad besides dark leafy greens, try our Sweet Kale Salad. The kit comes with a mix of greens like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage plus poppyseed dressing and dried cranberries for a sweet taste. If you want to avoid frozen veggies, take the mix and add it to you favourite casserole or soup. With less prep required, getting your daily dose of vitamin A and C will be a breeze.


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