Our Guide to Selecting Perfectly Pleasing Olive Oil

Our selection of extra virgin olive oil offers you the best-of-the-best from around the world. But, like shopping for a bottle of fine wine without a favourite in mind, navigating a wall of olive oils can be intimidating.
A panel of some of Pusateri’s finest palates have devised a system to make it easier for you to select the perfect bottle of olive oil.
Generally speaking, the first consideration when shopping for an olive oil is—what are you planning to use it for?
If you are looking for a gift, an oil like Oro de Pòe, with its wonderful story of 250 trees planted for every birth in their family and its unique Allen key locked box, or Château d’Estoublon, beautifully packaged in a Chanel bottle, would be great choices.
If you’re after a complex olive oil with a layered flavour profile of herbs, banana and fresh cut grass to serve as a dipping oil for bread, give Mandranova Nocellara a try. Pruneti Toscano IGP Colline Di Firenze Biologico is a medium oil balancing notes of sweet fruit with a spicy, white pepper finish—perfect for grilled vegetables and fish.
A boldly flavoured olive oil like Domenica Fiore Olio Novello pairs beautifully with an assertive lettuce like arugula, whereas a Moulin Cornille, a French olive oil from Provence, is lighter and pairs well with butter lettuce and salad greens.
Much like wine, olive oil delivers a vast number of flavour profiles and finishing notes. At some level, choosing the ‘right’ olive oil becomes a very personal exercise. Once you match up oil to your planned use and food pairing—it comes down to which oils you personally like best.
Be sure to refer to our Olive Oil Selection Guide as you shop the jewels in our collection. 




Delicate, medium, robust.

Tropical, fruity, grassy, herbaceous, nutty.

Soft cheese, seafood, meat, salad greens.


Cooking, Versatile, Dipping, Finishing, Gifting