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Part 2: Thanksgiving entertaining tips



The closer Thanksgiving gets the busier you'll get. From grabbing ingredients to planning seating arrangements there isn't much time between now and when your guests arrive with empty stomachs. Want to wow your guests and make it seem like you're a pro host? Follow these tips to make entertaining and prepping your dinner a breeze.


Entertaining tips

Home Decor

If you have guests who are staying over, set the fall theme in their rooms with accent items like gourds and small pumpkins on bedroom dressers; hang decorative plates with fall patterns and prints. Place fall scented candles in carved-out gourds (not completely hollowed like a jack-o-lantern) along with fall coloured sheets and pillows. Go a step further and fasten door accents like pinecone hangers. Just grab 6 - 8 pinecones and a foot or 2 of ribbon. Glue gun to secure the ribbon to the pinecones and fasten the other ends in a bow and secure to the door.


DIY Placeholders

You’ve spent hours going over your guest list and seating arrangements but don’t want to use the same old seating cards. For a little DIY project that the kids can help with, pick fallen leaves and spray paint them gold, silver or any colour matching your fall theme and use a sharpie to write the names of your guests.


Frozen Fruit As Ice

Want to kill two birds (besides the one in your oven) with one stone? Keep cocktails and drinks cool for guests plus add a kick of flavour using frozen fruit. They won't water down your drinks like ice cubes while staying cool throughout the night.


Thankful Board

Make your dinner interactive and delicious with a Thankful Board. Have a corkboard framed with paper leaves and markers for everyone to write one thing they're thankful for. It’s a great way for your guests to stay engaged and keeps the Thanksgiving spirit alive. If placed in your living room it can spur some surprising insights about your dinner guests.


Food prep tips

Utilize your slow cooker

With all of your burners occupied, one or two dishes will have to wait its turn. To avoid the juggling act, make your mash potatoes in a slow cooker. Just add your potatoes, butter, other ingredients of your liking, set to low heat and mash and stir every hour.


Take advantage of that cooler

There will be a point where your fridge will scream for mercy from being stuffed with ingredients and food at various stages of prep. Make room for those necessary items by placing nonessential items in a cooler with ice. Better yet, order your Thanksgiving catering from us online; trust me, you and your fridge will thank me later.


Wine glass to cut biscuits

So you want to take a stab at making biscuits for the first time? But it dawned on you that you don’t have a dough cutter? Don't panic just grab a wine glass e voilà problem solved. The shape of the glass will create a perfect circle each and every time; just make sure to dust the rim with flour between each biscuit you cut.


See my tips to help set the decor for your Thanksgiving dinner, plus stay tuned for some last minute recipes ideas.


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