Sink your teeth into Peach Month

Now that we’re in the middle of peach season there’s never been more reason to
pick up some on your way home and add it to the menu for dinner tonight. Known
for their sweet and sometimes pleasant tart taste, they can provide the unexpected kick to any meal besides a dessert. Native to China near the Pakistani border, they’ve spent the last couple thousands of years making their way to the plates around the world moving from a symbol of immortality to delicious treat.


How to pick

The key to picking a great peach is to look at the colour, not the blush of red on the skin but the background colour, a tasty peach will have an orange-ish gold glow to it. Pay attention to the ends, if you see any green on either, put it back down, avoid any peaches with wrinkled skin or that are soft to the touch.      


Peach Sangria
 Peach and red wine sangria recipe

How to store

Early-season peaches are the best when eaten fresh while mid and late season varieties are best used for cooking and preserving. If you happen to grab peaches that need some more time to fully develop, leave them out or in the sun to complete the process. Once they’ve ripened (you’ll be able to tell by a slightly soft touch) move them into the fridge and store for no longer than 5 days.


Grilled Peach
Grilled peach salad recipe

What to make

Peaches are great on their own or traditionally in a dessert. Cube them and toss onto a bed of greens for a summer salad, or throw them on the grill for an unexpected treat. Savour summer by adding it to you favourite sangria mix (don’t forget to add a backyard) or better yet, turn it into chutney for a sweet a savoury barbecue rub.


Peach Cobbler
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