Prosciutto Panino

Full of flavour and packing a delightful crunch, panino’s make for a great summer lunch, or better yet, a relaxing summer backyard dinner. A precursor to the panino have been around since the 16th century but it wasn’t until the 70s when they became popular in Milanese eateries called paninoteche and continued their popularity from then on. A quick Italian lesson. The work panino derives from the word “pane” meaning bread. Panino stands for a singular sandwich while Panini refers to the plural

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Serves 1

1                 Potato focaccia bun bread

1 oz            Arugula

75 gm        Prosciutto 

2 oz           Roma tomatoes

1 oz           Bocconcini fior di latte 

15 ml         Olive oil



Slice your prosciutto thin on a slicer or by hand

Slice tomatoes and cheese and then season with olive oil, salt and fresh cracked pepper

To build your Panini start with arugula on the base. Continue with the tomatoes and cheese before topping it off with the prosciutto.

To grill your panino first spray your panini press with a non-stick of your choice and press each side for 30 seconds