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Pukka: Pusateri's New Pre-Pack


Pukka means many things, but to my partner Harsh Chawla and I, the experience of eating at Pukka is one of married flavours and a depth of spice that comes in waves. We source our proteins from the best suppliers and craft our recipes from scratch, so we use spice to highlight rather than hammer our diners over the head.  

Soon after we opened, one of Pusateri’s Chefs became a regular. He loved our elevated Indian cuisine and together we developed a Pukka popup at Pusateri’s Avenue Road. Exceptionally well received, the popup led us to deepen our partnership with Pusateri’s: launching more popups, supplying food for the stores’ hot counters and creating an exclusive line of heat-and-eat Indian meals we now offer at all locations. A convenient dinner solution, they allow Pusateri’s customers to bring the Pukka experience home - and have inspired many to visit our restaurant.

Three of the dishes we developed for Pusateri’s–Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken and Macaroni Makhani–share the same “Butter Chicken” sauce base. Harsh and I think of Butter Chicken as the “gateway drug” to Indian cooking: you take a tomato-based sauce, add chicken, stir in butter and cream for taste and mouthfeel… and you have the ultimate comfort food. With Kashmiri chili (low on heat, high on natural red colour), and our house-made Garam Masala spice blend, this sauce has a beautiful warmth and is–quite frankly–addictive. 

Stop by any Pusateri’s location for Pukka’s Indian “takeout”. We recommend enjoying it with a dry, aromatic white wine like: Riesling, Chenin Blanc or Gruner Veltliner, or a fruity, low tannin red like Gamay, Syrah or Grenache.



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