Ring it in

There's no doubt that this year has been one for the books, both good and bad but the best way to end it on a high note is with family and friends. Our entertaining tips will ensure everyone will have a great time and leave with a great outlook for the new year.

Create a personalised hashtag and ask guests to tag their photo with it on Instagram and Facebook. Now everyone from the party can see the pictures, and they'll be saved online forever.

Set up a photo booth with fun props. Use a Polaroid camera or a photo printer so guests can take home a custom keepsake from the party.

Set up a Balloon Clock to let guests see how much time is left in the year - it's both stylish and functional. Simply blowup 12 balloons and stick or draw the numbers onto each balloon then put them up in an open space in a circle like the face of a clock. Finish off with paper arms placed in the middle of the circle then make sure to keep track of the time!

Keep your guests engaged, and the conversations flowing by putting up a large piece of parchment paper with markers set out for guests to write their resolution, goals or well wishes for the new year. Set the example and write yours first!

The perfect addition to your party decor and to help ring in the new year with a bang are confetti filled balloons. Buy larger-sized balloons and fill them with confetti of your liking and place around your space. Make sure guests have one right before the countdown to pop when the clock strikes midnight.

Set out some light snacks for your guests to nibble on as the night progresses. Our catering team is the best at curating parties like these and will make it one to remember. Give them a call at 416-785-9100. Better yet, there’s no simpler way to impress and satisfy guests than with an artfully constructed charcuterie board. Here, we share tips to creating the perfect one.

While the true artistry of a charcuterie board lies in effortless layering, it’s best to keep more frequently allergy-sensitive items separate.
  • Mix textures: hard, sliced salami blends perfectly with a soft duck pâté and thin, rich prosciutto.
  • Unexpected additions like our sweet potato-topped hummus work wonders with your flavour balance.
  • Feature a selection of dense crackers (perfect for heavy dippers) and thin crisps, which act as palate cleansers. 
  • Pick your olives wisely, the larger the olive, the easier it is to grip.
  • Maintaining a sweet and savoury balance is essential to this spread. 
  • Odd numbers work best for cheese pairings: one sharp, one rich and one for pleasure seekers (ahem, truffle brie)
  • Luxe up the assortment with Wellington skewers and Lamb Spieducci, eaten straight off the grill.

With these tips, you New Year's party will be one to remember.