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Part 1: Plan your perfect Thanksgiving decor



Now that we can officially say goodbye to summer, it means we can say hello the fall holiday season. Thanksgiving is first up and is a great reason to have family over to celebrate life, laugh and eat well. It might be one of my favourite holidays, but I also love any excuse to have the grandkids over.

The first step in planning any family gathering is setting the decor. Not only does it set the atmosphere like freshly grated Parmesan on spaghetti but also it's a fun way to exercise your creativity. Follow my tips and you’ll set a Thanksgiving atmosphere your guests won't forget.

First Impressions
Set the fall theme with mini to large gourds tastefully places around your front door. Add colourful fall leaves, with dried branches and flowers. You don't have to stick to perfect looking gourds, a variety of shapes make for a more natural feel. On the plus side larger pumpkins make a great transition to Halloween and will survive if you dip them in bleach - just make sure the kids stay away from them.

Fall wonderland
Don't let it all hang out on the front door, bringing the theme indoors creates consistency and welcomes your guests to a fall wonderland. The key is to have fall colours throughout your home or where your guests will be. Set up mini centerpieces of smaller gourds and flowers on corner tables and in the washroom or add fall flowers in muted reds and yellows throughout your home. If you don’t have the time to pick flowers while prepping your turkey our floral team can help arrangements to create a warm and inviting Thanksgiving atmosphere.

Centre stage
Your dining table is where your Thanksgiving decor should pull focus. Place a few smaller shaped gourds that are a little dull in color and pair with a bit more vibrant fall coloured flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies in hues or reds, oranges and gold. You can place fall fruit in the piece like apples and pears – having real fruit can help with cleanup as guests can help themselves to a fruit after dinner. Want to literally elevate your centerpiece, add tall and sturdy candle holders with small pumpkins on top.

Bring it back outside
After everyone has had their fill you can let them take the party outside. Any outdoor space can be adapted for cooler weather with throws and pillows that are both warm in colour and soft to touch. Keeping colours in mind, don’t forget to bring the Thanksgiving theme outdoors. Tastefully place groups of gourds on tables, next to the patio door, or on the steps of your deck. Like your front door accent with fall leaves, dried fall flowers and tuck tea light candles in glass vases in-between the gourds to set a calm mood. Don’t shy away from adding a fall wreath to your decorations, it can stay up for the following month as another transition piece to your Christmas wreath.

Thanksgiving decorations are just the beginning. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and newsletter for recipe ideas and entertaining tips!


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