Snack the alphabet

Whether it’s after a long meeting or a day at school, snacking is vital to keeping you up and running. If you're getting bored of the usual granola or dried fruit, we've got our picks for elevated snack options that go from hearty to light, and savoury to sweet.

When you have that three-hour midday meeting and no time to pick up a dry egg salad sandwich from the cafe downstairs, why not take some steel-cut oatmeal and add Noble's Handcrafted maple syrup with berries for a snack that will tide you over and taste delicious.

For those with a gluten intolerance or looking to limit their gluten intake, we have a brand new assortment of gluten free and low gluten bread in the store. Pick up a loaf of Inewa's Kamut bread, add Berkwood Farms prosciutto, Kozlik's mustard and Pusateri's greens for a delicious afternoon snack. If you're looking for something lighter just toast and spread with Sarabeth Fruit Jam.

Snack the Alphabet with Pusateri's

For the veggie lover in us all, who has had enough of carrots and dip, take our veggie pizza from Pie and amplify it with Bella Casara bocconcini, you can thank us later.

The afternoon rolls around, the kids are home from school with their hungry study group and it's hours away from dinner. Be a hero and skip the bars of chocolate or chips and serve up some quinoa puff squares with Butter Baked Goods marshmallows and Ghirardelli chocolate chips. An indulgent and hearty alternative to the regular rice crispy squares.

Download the guide here and bring it with you to the store to shop all of your gourmet snack needs!