Spend more time with family and friends

At Pusateri's, we value the time we spend with family and friends. That's why we've put together some suggestions for how to carve out precious time in 2017 to strengthen your relationships and long-lasting memories with loved ones - all around a great meal.

A fun way to make dinner exciting is to carry over old family traditions or even start new ones. Try and remember things your parents and grandparents did at dinner time, maybe those little quirky rituals like only using a certain spoon or bowl for a certain dish. Or teach your children how to cook family favourites and spend time with older relatives to learn all of the family’s secret recipes. Even if they don’t have them written down, it is a lot of fun to have them spill the secrets!

Have themed potlucks to bring everyone together and show off their favourite dish. You’re sure to find a dish that may become a new favourite.

You could gather friends around for award show season and have your own voting session. Let us cater the snacks and bites while you keep busy discussing which movie should win Best Picture!

Don't forget those closest to you, your neighbours, invite them over for dinner or lunch, it's a great chance to get to connect. When people sit down and have dinner together, their bonds are strengthened – so not only will you satisfy your hunger, you will also become a better neighbour!

If you’re looking for ways to cut down the time it takes to make a meal so you can spend more time with family, check out our vegetable butcher at our Food Hall at CF Toronto Eaton Centre or our Avenue Road location. Start cooking right away without having to worry about all the prep work.