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Summer Pantry


Summering like an Italian means fresh, quality ingredients prepared simply. Explore our summer pantry must haves below.


Divina Frescatrano Olives

Masserie di Sant’Eramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil & 5 year Balsamic Vinegar



Morgantino Crushed Green Olives

A typical Southern Italian snack with a piquant bite.


Divina Frescatrano Olives

Unpasteurized, unfermented vibrant, sweet & crowd-pleasing Halkidiki olives. Fresh, mild, crisp.


Le Grand Pesto
Molisana Bakery Pizza Dough

Pusateri’s Pine Nuts

Whether nestled into pasta, sprinkled over salad, blended into pesto, they are buttery treats.


Le Grand Pesto

A savoury mix of freshly grated Romano & nuts blended with the finest fresh basil.


Molisana Bakery Pizza Dough

You won’t find fresher than this! Bakes beautifully, with a focaccia - like quality.


Bufa Mozzarella Di Bufala D.O.P.
Agrumato Olive Oil
Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers

Bufa Mozzarella Di Bufala D.O.P.

Inimitable, this rich water buffalo milk cheese takes simple salads to new heights.



Agrumato Olive Oil

Whole lemons & olives are pressed together, resulting in a vivacious pure lemon flavour that shines with fish & seafood.

Crunchmaster Multi-seed Crackers

GMO-free California rice, American sesame, Andean quinoa & Canadian flax create a delectable gluten-free palette for your favourite flavours.


Pusateri's Arrosto Al Forno
Chicago 58 All Beef Gluten-Free Chub Salami
Katrin Zytomiersta Clean Eating Parmesan Crackers
Pusateri’s Arrosto Al Forno

Artisanal recipe of slow roasted, herb-coated Parma pork.
Chicago 58 All Beef Gluten-free Chub Salami

Old world tradition meets modern day tastes.

Katrin Zytomiersta Clean Eating Parmesan Crackers

All natural Swedish low-carb, keto crackers with mouthwatering parmesan


Secret Lands Farm Sheep Milk Ricotta

Krinos Traditional Feta

Drizzle Honeycomb

A luxurious charcuterie board essential bursting with fresh, raw honey.


Secret Lands Farm Sheep Milk Ricotta

Mild & creamy small batch crafted in Western Ontario.


Krinos Traditional Feta

Firm, with a perfect crumble & addictive tang.

Fever Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water

Sauto Bocconcini

Vsoc Platinum Label 3-year Aged Gouda

Fever Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water

Spring water & the finest Sicilian lemons make for an irreplicable bar staple.


Saputo Bocconcini

Eat by the spoonful; scatter amongst tomatoes, basil & olio; or melt over pizza.

VSOC Platinum Label 3-year Aged Gouda

Next-level Gouda with rich butterscotch, caramel & pecan notes.


Chuck Hughes My Vegetable Farmer’s Sun-dried Tomato Spread

A pantry staple. A quick way to add an extra layer of flavour.


Paulus Abbey Beer Aged Gouda

Unsurprisingly, intense Gouda. Aromatic hops & beer are a heavenly match.


Pecorino Romano

Its salinity adds punctuation to any dish; it ’s truly another way to salt.



Domenica Fiore Naturale Pasta Sauce

An old-world Mediterranean style sauce delivering true Italian flavour.

Martelli Roasted Red Peppers

Creamy & subtly sweet.



Sarafino Hot Rustic Spread

Spread on fresh bread, pair with antipasti.



La Favorita Sugo Antico
Garofalo Spaghetti
Over Roasted Tomatoes

La Favorita Sugo Antico

Old-fashioned tomato sauce.


Garofalo Spaghetti

Made from 100% durum wheat in Napoli, the home of pasta.


Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Eat like an apple, or as a meal, drizzled with olio & salt.


Rustichella D'Abruzzo Garganelli All Uovo Pasta
Martelli San Marzano Tomatoes

Best-in-class, the foundation for your sauce. Velvet texture, true tomato taste.

Rustichella D’abruzzo Garganelli All Uovo Pasta

First-choice natural durum wheat semolina pasta.



Try our top summer pantry picks in these delicious Italian recipes.


Green and grilled pizza recipe Pusateri's

Green & Grilled Pizza

A couple of minutes on the grill takes a traditional pizza into the culinary stratosphere. Each flavour speaks in this novel collection; pesto, mozzarella di bufala, green grapes, olives, arugula & pine nuts—drizzled with Alta Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Ricotta Crostini

Ida Pusateri’s recipe, three fine ingredients add up to a sum far greater than its parts. Fresh, Toronto-baked baguette is layered with local sheep milk ricotta and luscious chunks of delicate raw honeycomb.

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Blistered Tomato Spaghetti Recipe Pusateri's

Blistered Tomato Spaghetti

Al dente spaghetti meets Italy ’s San Marzano tomatoes— the Queen Mother of all tomatoes & Garofalo durum wheat spaghetti.

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